Big Sur Hiking Elopement

Big Sur Hiking Elopement

The Adventure:

Christine and Eric told me from day 1 that they LOVE to hike. When we talked about their elopement day, it was important to them that we make their day reflect what they love doing with each other. “After our ceremony, we want to take our first hike as husband and wife!” they told me. I helped them plan their locations, and then they took the reins on the elopement day.

I was surprised to find out just how adventurous this couple is! Christine and Eric crossed creeks, climbed up on precarious logs leaning on canyon walls, and scaled down the side of an ocean bluff. They seemed completely comfortable as they explored the trail in full formal wear and shoes. There were moments when I held my breath in fear that a foot would slip or a skirt would catch while they hovered above the ocean. But, these two rock climbers knew exactly what they were doing. What an honor to be part of this adventure with them!

The Ceremony:

Privacy, a forest environment, and the ability to have a ceremonialist work with them were important aspects to Christine and Eric’s ceremony. As a result, Glen Oaks Big Sur was a great space for their wedding ceremony. The couple helped each other get ready in their cabin onsite, and then we all walked just a few minutes to their ceremony spot in the woods.

Soaring Starkey is a skilled, thoughtful officiant local to Big Sur. She created a beautiful mood with her words to honor the occasion. Before the ring exchange, Soaring had Christine and Eric hold their rings up to the sky and towering trees, down to the earth and over each others’ hearts. I love those unique details of a ceremony that make it stand out from other weddings.

It was an honor to work with this wonderful couple, and to help make their Big Sur hiking elopement as unique as their relationship!

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Big Sur Hiking Elopement
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Big Sur Hiking Elopement
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Big Sur Hiking Elopement

Are you interested in planning an adventurous elopement in the outdoors? I will help you plan and execute the elopement adventure you are dreaming up. Get in touch today for more information!

Ceremony: Glen Oaks Big Sur

Flowers: Fleurs du Soleil

Officiant: Soaring Starkey

Hair and Makeup: Malina Terra


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