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Hi! I’m an unconventional wedding photographer in Northern California.

My name is Melissa. I photograph weddings and elopements for rad, adventurous couples!

I love to give folks a MEANINGFUL and FUN experience that is centered around real moments and emotion. I specialize in working with people who aren't super comfortable being photographed.

Let's ditch the awkward posing and create something worth remembering.


Meaningful and honest

Eventually all of our memories are replaced by the photographs taken in those moments. Let that sink in...What will be important to you years from now as loved ones pass and life hands you difficult times?

I work with couples who care about creating meaningful memories with their loved ones more than anything else on their wedding day. I capture honest, unstaged moments of people along with natural feeling portraits.

I won't ask you to fake laugh or stage anything for a photo. I won't turn your day into a big photoshoot that keeps you too long from the party. Let's make photos that are meaningful, honest, and simple. Let's make photos that will help you feel something, even years later.


Friend, I'll be 100% honest with you...

If you care a lot about magazine style photos of the decor, the shoes, and your dress hanging from a tree, then we may not be a good fit.

Pinterest and the wedding industry have sadly trained couples to expect elaborate editorial photos of every detail, but I'll let you in on the important truth: focusing on those photos steals a surprising amount of time from the real and emotional moments inevitably happening somewhere between you and people you care about. Important moments are constantly happening, and they won't be reflected in the photos if I am busy styling and photographing lots of details. One day you will be digging for photos of a loved one who has passed, and it would be devastating if all you could find were photos of pretty objects.

Yes, I do take photos of the way your wedding looks, but I focus on photos of people in an effort to best serve your memories. These are the photos that will help you to feel something years later. These are the photos that will be framed and clung to.

Let’s talk!

Chances are, you feel in over your head about planning your wedding or elopement. Maybe you currently have about 50 internet tabs open about wedding planning...I know how you feel!

I start helping you months ahead of your wedding to offer you guidance such as input on your timeline and advice about crafting a meaning-filled wedding day. I never just show up and shoot-- I'm invested in getting to know you and listening to your needs.

Get in touch with me today and I'll send you my client guide, answer your questions and help you determine your photography needs.


Want to know more?

Want to know more? Send me a message today to receive my wedding collection guide and to see if I'm available on your date! I offer various photography collections for elopements and weddings.


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