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photo by Diane Villadsen

oh hey! I’m Melissa.

I'm an empath and an outgoing introvert. I live in a cozy home in the Santa Cruz redwoods with my husband. I'm a fan of hiking in my local forests, backpacking and busting out spontaneous, weird dance moves when I pass my husband in the hallway. I'm constantly doing mental facepalms because of something dorky I said.

My mom taught me house to use a darkroom when I was in 6th grade after years of peering over her shoulder as she developed photos for clients of her own. I became hooked on photographing people candidly because of how meaningful the prints became to those people. The reason I am now a full time wedding photographer is simple: honest, thoughtful documentation of our deepest moments adds meaning to our lives and memories. I love helping people add meaning to their lives.


But enough about me…

You found life-changing love! I am genuinely so happy for you! Your wedding matters because it will be filled with meaningful moments, dear people and a whole spectrum of emotion you may not have experienced before. It deserves to be documented with honest photographs that let you return there. Staged, forced photos will steal from your ability to fully experience the present moment. And ultimately those photos will end up in the trash. But photos that let you return to deep emotions and important moments are the ones that will be held dear and framed by hospital beds and at funerals as years pass. That's where I come in.

philosophy of whoosh

A *whoosh* is the tingly feeling you get when a moment is worth remembering. It’s when you feel something beautiful.








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