Adventure Wedding Portrait Session

Adventure Wedding Portrait Session

Sam and John asked me to take some wedding portraits for them around the time of their 1 year wedding anniversary. Their original wedding day had unfortunately landed in the middle of the week that covid-19 blew up in the United States. Everything about their wedding day turned into a whirlwind of changed plans. We didn’t get much time for their couple portraits on that day. We also didn’t get to take pictures in the beautiful redwood grove that they had originally planned to hold their ceremony in. The solution? An adventure portrait session out in nature!

I took Sam and John to a couple of my favorite places. These adventurous people climbed up fallen logs and over the wide creek. I loved watching them explore and soak in the beauty of the environment. In my opinion, exploring a new place is a great way to make a new, valuable memory out of a photo session.

At the bottom of this post you will see a photo from their original wedding day. I am honored and floored to have had that photo chosen by Business Insider as one of the best wedding photos of 2020!

santa cruz elopement photographer
Adventure Wedding Portrait Session
big sur adventure elopement photographer
Adventure Wedding Portrait Session
redwood forest adventure wedding portraits
Santa Cruz Adventure Wedding Portrait Session
santa cruz adventure elopement photographer

Sam and John on their wedding day in March, 2020:

Click here to see the photo featured in Insider’s “most beautiful wedding photos taken in 2020”

Are you looking to have an adventure portrait session? Or maybe you’re planning an elopement or wedding? I would love to work with you! Get in touch with me today for more information on my availability, pricing and services. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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