Oakland Artist Warehouse Home Engagement Session

Oakland Artist Warehouse Home Engagement Session

Michelle and Mark love their artist loft home in Oakland, California. They decided to do their engagement session there since it is where most of their memories are made. They showed me around the place and then they just eased into their typical routine for a lazy afternoon at home.  Someday they will probably move and their lives will look totally different, but they will be able to remember what life looked and felt like during this time in their lives.

Michelle and Mark will be able to remember all those real life things that made home feel like home. For instance, they didn’t hide their shoes, toothbrushes, or bottles of lotion that sit on their shelves. In these photos you can see all the little things that make a home real and lived-in. And I love that, because all those little things help tell a true story. 

Photojournalistic Engagement Sessions

Photojournalistic engagement sessions have a way of creating powerful memories from everyday life. I think its safe to say that many of us may take for granted mundane, day-to-day routines and surroundings. But when we think back on our past, don’t we often miss those little things we took for granted in the first place? When I think back on definitive times in my life I remember my routines and how my family relationships fit into them. For example, I remember my grandma helping me get ready for school in the morning and handing me an envelope with lunch money. She always wrote my name in perfect, beautiful cursive on the envelope. I remember staring up at the botanical wallpaper in my grandparents’ kitchen while I ate hot cereal out of the same orange plastic bowl I used every morning I spent there. I loved being with my grandparents, so it doesn’t surprise me that the photos I cherish most from my childhood are snapshots taken in their home. Photos that capture real life happening will always mean more years later because life will look so different.

When planning a photojournalistic engagement session, I typically recommend that couples choose a location where they spend a lot of time or where significant memories were made. Making great photos of living memories will come easily if you choose a familiar location where you love spending time with each other! If you like the idea of having a session in your home but you don’t think your own home is “cool enough” for the session, think again! How many of us actually have homes that look like an instagram influencer feed? I would argue that the way your home looks doesn’t really matter. The point is that your home defines so much of your personal world and memories.

Oakland Artist Warehouse Home Engagement SessionOakland Artist Warehouse Home Engagement Session

I love doing photojournalistic home sessions. And you know what? It’s even better when your home isn’t perfect. Let’s talk about a home session!


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