Foggy Big Sur Elopement

Foggy Big Sur Elopement

Big Sur made a watercolor painting out of itself the day Talia and Luis eloped. The scenery and light added so much beauty to the vows these two exchanged under the redwoods at Glen Oaks Big Sur.

Foggy Big Sur Elopement

Talia’s and Luis’ ceremony was one of the most breathtakingly moving wedding ceremonies I have witnessed. Naomi, the officiant, set the mood for this ceremony by opening a fragrant oil. She had the couple waft the aroma from head to toe. Unique vows were exchanged, a touching personal message was shared, and then an anointment was performed. All the while, sideways beams of light trickled down through the trees. The light was made more striking by the campfire smoke from a nearby fire pit. We all breathed in the scents of the quiet forest around us. And just like that, Talk and Luis were wed.

The couple shared their first dance under the redwoods where they held their ceremony. We took some simple portraits and then I encouraged Talia and Luis to take a little bit of alone time next to the gorgeous river. I love to encourage this when we have a relaxed schedule because I think it is so important for a couple to soak in their elopement day and focus on each other. Sometimes the camera should be put away.

Next, we headed up the coast to explore the foggy bluffs and beaches of northern Big Sur. Some people are disappointed by fog, but we couldn’t get enough of it that day! Talia took it upon herself to dance around the bluffs with a sense of bravery and adventure that I admired. Behind my camera, I was simultaneously loving the images and holding my breath in fear! We all left unharmed 🙂

Foggy Big Sur Elopement

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Flowers: Big Sur Flowers

Hair and Makeup: Beauty By M

Officiant: Naomi Ehrich

Lodging and ceremony: Glen Oaks Big Sur


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