California Redwood Forest Elopement

From the woods to the beach / Jenna & Kristen’s California Redwood Forest Elopement

In California, a redwood forest elopement is one of the most peaceful and inspiring ways to get married. Jenna and Kristen traveled from Los Angeles to Big Sur to do this on a beautiful fall day. After months of planning with them, I met them in person for the first time as they helped each other get ready. The couple rented a cute little cabin at Glen Oaks. From there, we could walk right out the front door and into the forest, which makes a wedding day even easier!

California Redwood Forest Elopement
Big Sur redwood forest elopement

The Ceremony

After Jenna and Kristen were ready, we wandered into the private wooded area to choose a ceremony spot that felt right for them. They read their personal vows to each other and exchanged rings. Zia the officiant created a powerful ceremony that incorporated and acknowledged the powerful environment we were in. The redwoods create a beautiful symbol of strong and lasting love. Not only that, but the scent of the forest is intoxicating! As a result, in the redwoods you feel part of something bigger– similarly to how it can feel to be in a loving partnership.

redwood forest elopement in California
glen oaks Big Sur elopement in the redwoods
California Redwood Forest Elopement
glen oaks Big Sur
newlywed couple hikes through glen oaks Big Sur after getting married in the redwoods

After the ceremony, the couple wandered the trails while I followed. We stopped for them to have their first dance in a a beautiful beam of light. Later, they found their way to the river to relax and skip rocks.

newlyweds have their first dance in a forest in Big Sur after eloping

The Coast

One of the incredible features of California is being able to visit entirely different looking landscapes within relatively short periods of time. The three of us drove out of the woods and up the coast to a couple of gorgeous stops. Every time I visit these places the light and the weather is different, which keeps every experience feeling magical and wild!

A couple walks across bixby bridge on their wedding day in Big Sur

The last stop of the day was a beach for a dinner picnic. Jenna and Kristen packed themselves a gorgeous spread to enjoy on this remote and rugged beach. That way, they could pace the evening as they pleased and enjoy Big Sur’s gorgeous nature as much as possible.

a newlywed couple has a picnic dinner in Big Sur after eloping in the forest
a couple walks the beach at sunset in Big Sur on the day they eloped

Sunset began and it created a stunning misty landscape that resembled a watercolor painting. Jenna and Kristen ran around exploring and savoring the light.

a newlywed couple plays in the sand on the beach

I help couples plan their entire elopement day and then come along to document it! Are you considering eloping but want to know more? Or have you already decided an elopement is right for you? Either way, reach out to me today and I’ll send you a ton of information about what the process looks like, how I can help you, and my pricing! As a result, you might find yourself dreaming of new possibilities that you hadn’t considered before! I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂


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