Henry Cowell Redwoods Engagement Session

Henry Cowell Redwoods Engagement Session

Brittany and Becca strolled together through the impressive redwood loop at Henry Cowell State Park. I followed them around as they explored and showed me what they are like as a couple. It had recently rained, so as a result we all enjoyed the incomparable scent of wet bay trees, soil and redwoods. Brittany and Becca told me their fantastic engagement story and how they both unexpectedly proposed to each other in the same moment! That is the first time I’ve heard of that happening!

I always have fun getting to know each couple’s dynamics and individual personalities. For a successful session I pay close attention to how each person relates to their partner and the world around them. It’s a great exercise in improvisation for me since every couple is so different. To me, success doesn’t mean getting “perfect” fine art portraits with tediously posed subjects. Success happens when I give up control of chasing my own vision for the photos. Instead, I give the couple space and permission to be together in the way they want. Success is when a couple feels comfortable enough to let down their guard and embrace the inevitable awkwardness of being followed by a photographer as a third-wheel. In other words, it takes vulnerability on everyone’s part, including mine. But once that happens we can make photos in which the couple will actually recognize themselves!

I loved witnessing Becca’s bold, theatrical personality in concert with Brittany’s calm, contemplative demeanor. Watching the two of them go for a miniature adventure in the forest showed me how they complement each other so well. Brittany and Becca really took their time noticing the wildlife and foliage surrounding them on this hike. They even saved me from walking right into a freaking huge spider that was dangling in the middle of the path! I am really looking forward to documenting their wedding day this fall!

Here’s to many more Henry Cowell redwoods engagement sessions!

Henry Cowell Redwoods Engagement
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Location: Henry Cowell State Park

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