Body Positive Boudoir Session / Bay Area Fine Art Boudoir Photographer

Body Positive Boudoir Session / Bay Area Fine Art Boudoir Photographer

Nothing is more striking to me than monochrome photographs. Black and white has a way of isolating and evoking emotion better than just about anything. Not to mention, it’s timeless.

A black and white fine art boudoir portrait is the perfect piece of personalized art to hang in a bedroom.

Here’s a tip for making your boudoir session work great as wall art in a bedroom: Choose an image that has some mystery and anonymity to it. If the subject of a photo is abstracted or isn’t easily recognizable at first, the image can be more powerful as a piece of art. A boudoir image can be the perfect piece of art for your bedroom, but it can also get awkward real fast if you aren’t careful!

This is Emily’s Session, which took place in the backyard she grew up playing in near Santa Cruz. I’m splitting her session into two posts- the other will be in color. The light and colors had so many moods when we shot, so I thought it fitting to create two separate posts.


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