wedding, elopement & boudoir photography in santa cruz, california

my story.

One warm childhood afternoon in an Egyptian village,  I followed my mom down a little dirt road on another improvised adventure...

We found ourselves in a tiny shop where a butcher was teaching his young son the trade. They wore long robes and didn't speak a lick of English. We didn't speak a lick of Arabic.  In her typical fashion, my mom laughed and smiled as she wildly pantomimed her way past the language barrier. She hoped to photograph these people at work, the way she did wherever she traveled. I loved these adventures with my mom. 

I felt a *whoosh* in that tiny Egyptian butcher shop. It was a flutter of longing to connect with people whose lives were different and to tell tiny, beautiful stories about them. After we returned home, my mom would let me sit in the corner of her darkroom/laudryroom and watch her develop the photos. It felt like magic. 

Fast Forward: the camera became my tool for connecting with others wherever I went. It taught me to be a more empathetic human. Today, I love the challenge of shaping each photo session into a meaningful, fun experience. I've got a special love for working with people who feel awkward in front of the camera. 


I'm a fanatic of hiking, camping, being up at sunrise and listening to nerdy podcasts. I can't help but awkwardly dance a little at every wedding I photograph. Wherever I go, I love to find the quiet person in the corner because they usually have the most to say.

photo by Julia Kinkela